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Health Problems Affecting Jack Russell Terrier Training

Some of the things that may likely end or hinder jack russell terrier training are the medical issues common to this breed. Even though jack russell terriers are recognized to be generally healthy with long life expectancy, some lines are known for having some health issues including:

Eye Disorders.
One of the most common health issues affecting jack russell terriers is lens luxation. Usually appears in dogs about three to eight years of age, lens luxation is characterized by dislocation or displacement of the lens within the eye. It could be an inherited disorder or brought on by injury or trauma to the eye. Luxation, specifically anterior luxation, might also lead to another eye disorder called glaucoma which can further lead to partial or complete blindness.

Cataract is also another eye disorder common to this breed.

Congenital Deafness.
Hearing problems in dogs may either be inherited or acquired due to infection, injury or toxic exposures before or immediately after birth.
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Musculoskeletal Problems.
A jack russell terrier may suffer from Legg Perthes, a disease in which the hip joint deteriorates because of the blood flow being interrupted. It can cause progressive lameness, stiffness of affected limb and discomfort when moving the hip.

Patellar luxation (also referred to as luxating patella), a condition affecting the knees is buy Tacroz Forte Ointment online also prevalent to this breed.

Although the talked about health issues do not usually change a dog’s mental capacity, dog training can be quite challenging taking into account their physical limitations. Your pet with luxating patella may find it difficult to learn and perform various tricks such as play-dead, crawl, roll over and others. He may not even play fetch with you due to aching hips caused by Legg Perthes.

If you own a dog with particular medical condition, the least you can do is know more about the disease and find out what is ought to be done to help prevent the disease from progressing if you cannot completely eradicate it. Be wary of your pet’s condition and be sensitive to his needs rather than pushing him to obey what you want him to do.

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