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Hidden Secrets to Dog Obedience Training

Practical Tips for buy Saw Palmetto online Dog Obedience Training

One of the best kept secrets in dog obedience training is to learn about who and what your dog is. By that I mean a dog has a personality and characteristics that is his own. Get to know these traits and you will begin to get to know him/her. This will give you an edge as you begin to understand your dogs strengths and weaknesses.

When you begin your dog obedience training, know this – dogs are hierarchy conscious. This means that they instinctively gravitate toward living in packs that have a leader. In a family setting, it needs to understand that you are the leader. From the time it is a puppy, you need to ensure that it recognizes its position and your position in the pack.

By having this understanding about dogs and there nature, will give you insight on how to properly teach your dog. To begin your dog obedience training, teaching your dog the basic commands like sit, stay and come are essential. In addition, some of the must have tools for your training are things like a dog collar, a leash and a lot of patience!

Another important tip is you should find an area where there will be no distractions. The attention span of a dog is not very long, as you will learn. Therefore finding a quiet area will be ideal. You should even exercise your dog prior to training to calm him down.

During the training you can also use treats to reward your dog but as he begins to understand each command a while, you can wean him off the treats and just give him a positive pat on head, reinforcing his progress with a ‘good boy’ or good girl’.

You will also need to include in your dog obedience training commands like “No” when it does unacceptable behavior. If he does not respond, grasp your dog by the scruff and shake it lightly while saying “No”. Of course in order to be effective, you want to give the command, demonstrate what is expected and if it is done correctly, give praise.

A dog is intelligent enough to know when it is being rewarded and when it is being reprimanded. Just be sure that your dog understands these types of commands. You don’t want to be too over bearing, otherwise your dog will remember it as a negative and thus you will have to gain the trust of your dog.

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