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Hip & Joint Formula for Dogs with 1600mg Glucosamine – 32oz Liquid – Dogs Love it!

Active Life's Hip & Joint Formula for Dogs is a liquid supplement with 1600 mg of Glucosamine, 1200 mg of Chondroitin and 1000 mg of Ultra Pure MSM and is developed to help canines with arthritis and joint pain in their older years. Many canines at some time during their lives will develop various kinds of joint mobility issues (eg. hip dysplasia). This unique and effective formula can also be provided to younger canines as a preventative step to future joint problems.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM are quickly absorbed natural compounds that promote the production of proteoglycans, which help maintain the wellness and resiliency of joints and connective tissues.

Glucosamine supplements that are utilized to treat canines for hip & joint problems come in lots of various kinds. Options include everything from injections to liquids, tablets and chews. In terms of performance and affordability, liquid glucosamine is among the best options you can make.

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Active Life's Liquid Hip & Joint Formula Benefits are:
– Superior Absorption, lasts longer than tablets and chews.
– Promotes joint convenience and versatility
– Improves total wellness
– Really easy to offer to your dog on food, in water or on a treat
– All natural & safe
– Has 62 % more Glucosamine than other solutions
– Has 50 % more Chondroitin than other solutions
– More inexpensive than injections

The liquid formula is extremely easy to offer to your dog. Utilizing a correct measuring spoon, determine the suggested quantity based upon your canines weight (see back of label on the bottle for correct dosages). When you have actually measured out the dose, simply add the liquid to your canines water, or pour onto their food or treat. One benefit of using the liquid to food is that the complete dose will be administered all at once, assuming your dog eats all its food in one sitting.

Bear in mind that the absorption rate of liquid supplements is quicker and more effective than using tablets and chews. Likewise, since liquid supplements are most often administered at meal time, this helps with regulating the dose and scheduling of its use.

Once you are on a regular schedule of providing your dog glucosamine it will be important over the next few weeks to keep a close eye on your dog and notice whether he/she if performing everyday activities with faster speed and convenience. Activities like standing up, jumping from the automobile, and going for strolls are great examples of things to look for. With time, you ought to start to observe positive changes in your canines total convenience level.

At Active Life, we are enthusiastic about pets and our objective is to provide products that will enhance the quality of life for pets in need.

We completely believe in our products and trust that you will too. So much that we offer a 100% Pet Approval Guarantee which means if you or your dog are not fully pleased we will fully refund your purchase even if the bottle is empty.

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