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Home Remedies For Minor Dog Ailments

Does your dog seem to be irritated and low? Don’t rush to the vet, as you are tempted to do! Instead try some home remedies.They are safe and healthy to use and you can save the vet’s fees too. The added advantage of these holistic remedies is that you can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen and don’t even have to look for any special dog supplies store. Here are 6 dog ailments and remedies that will help your dog.


Home Remedy

Dry Skin

Vitamin E.

While Vitamin E is good for the wrinkles on your
skin, it is equally good for your dog’s dry skin. Massage the oil on
your dog’s kin or give him a pill along with his food. As for the
dosage, only your vet can recommend it.


Liquids that replace Electrolytes.

The solution for dehydration in both humans and
dogs is same. Give your dog liquids that replace lost electrolytes. Give
him sports water and other drinks that are unflavored. Dehydration can
occur when your dog is recovering from illness, vomiting or diarrhea.
Consult the vet for the right dosage.

Intestinal and Yeast Infections

Plain Yogurt.

Dogs love yogurt and it is a healthy treat. Yogurt
contains friendly bacteria that control the bad intestinal bacteria. It
also prevents yeast infections if the dog is on antibiotics. An option
to yogurt is acidophilus pills for dogs that you can bacon-wrapped and

Feed your pup yogurt occasionally to keep it free
from yeast infections.

Upset Tummy and Skin irritations

Chamomile Tea.

Using this tea has two benefits. The first benefit
is that it settles an upset stomach. Secondly, if your dog is suffering
from irritated skin, then spray the irritated area with chilled
chamomile tea. The decoction soothes the irritation immediately and
kills the irritation causing bacteria.


Ground Oatmeal.

Oatmeal can be used as more than breakfast. It can
also be used to relieve your dog from itchy skin. The reason or the itch
may be dryness of skin, allergy or any infection. Add ground oatmeal to
your dog’s warm bath water. This will provide immediate relief from the


Borax Powder.

When warm weather arrives, it brings fleas that
irritate dogs. All you have to do is sprinkle the powder on your carpet
or floor. Vacuum the excess powder. You will find that the fleas
disappear completely.

 Day-to-day home care can keep minor ailments at bay and your dog healthy. You don’t have to call or go to the vet for every thing. Following the tips given above will help you.

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