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Hot Diggity Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs – Natural Hot Spot Treatment available on Amazon

I never ever believed I could get my dog to stop her compulsive chewing. I have actually taken her to vets and groomers and have actually attempted a variety of different items but absolutely nothing seemed to help. A next-door neighbor recommended a brand-new product that worked on her dog which she bought on Amazon called "Hot Diggity Hot Spot Treatment" by Sunshine Jack. I took her guidance and ordered it (with my totally free shipping on Amazon Prime which meant that the product showed up the next day!) and I tested it on my dog. The bottle includes a mist sprayer so I was able to gently coat the areas that appear to trouble her the most. The sprayer makes it less messy than the other oil items that I have attempted in the past and the natural botanical oils of peppermint, clove and almonds seemed like a better approach than the other medicated items.

I can honestly say that I was hesitant when I ordered the product given that absolutely nothing else has actually worked in the past, but this treatment by Sunshine Jack really got my dog to stop chewing!!! What a nice surprise …! My neighbor speaks highly of it … and now I am a follower, too. Plus – the label is humorous and the line "Avoid the Cone of Shame' hits the nail on the head as I have actually never ever wanted to put one of those anti-chew plastic cones around my canine's neck!

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Hot Diggity Hot Spot Treatment helps your dog prevent the dreadful "Cone of Shame" by offering your pet the relief she or he requires with this natural anti-itch mist. Made with the finest botanical active ingredients, these non-toxic oils soothe the skin, fend off insects, and calm your dog's compulsion to bite and chew while leaving a clean, fresh scent. Sunshine Jack Specialist Grade Natural Animal Care Products are made in the USA by acclaimed pet care specialists. Developed utilizing the greatest quality, natural, botanical active ingredients that hydrate the skin and enhance the coat, our vitamin-rich items are non-toxic, detergent-free and can be used with topical flea treatments.

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