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Housebreaking A Puppy – A Few Helpful Tips

Successfully house breaking a puppy is possibly the main issue in the minds of new owners when bringing home their pups.

Praise vs. Punishment

Yet it is training that can be quite easily accomplished if approached the right way and with the right attitude.  Housebreaking entails patience, kindness and awareness.  Establishing a routine for your puppy and learning to read the signs will prevent a lot of stress, for both of you.  

Puppies don’t bode well in an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. A puppy needing to go to the bathroom is natural – it is not naughty behavior and should not be treated as such.  A puppy should not be shouted at, smacked, kicked or jerked around. They should be admonished when accidents happen pharmacy without a prescription and praised when they do something right.  They should not be punished.  A gentle and kind approach will reap far more rewards from your puppy than punishment.  If a puppy is consistently punished they will learn how to hide the evidence, but worse than that they could develop behavior problems.

After all housebreaking a puppy is about tailoring or focusing their behavior not about trying to break them of a habit.  


It is simply not possible for a puppy to be trained in a day or two.  As with a human baby a puppy has no control over their bodily functions.  As they grow older they will become more reliable.  This means that it is up to the owner to take control over the situation.  They need to be vigilant and be consistent.  Knowing in advance when a puppy is ready to ‘go’ and reading the signs correctly, will ensure successful housebreaking.

There are many techniques to help an owner read the signs.  With the correct training techniques and owner will make their own lives easier as well as their puppy’s life.  A puppy needs to be taught how to integrate into an owner’s life. They live to please their owners and will do almost anything to do so.  However an owner must be able to instill a sense of trust in their puppy.  With the right housebreaking techniques this can be accomplished.

Putting routines in place will not only encourage housebreaking but will also offer the owner a housebreaking agenda that is easy to follow.  

In Summary

Housebreaking a puppy should be beneficial for both owner and puppy.  Instead of traumatizing, it should bond.  If a puppy is shown what behavior is expected of them they will happily comply. There are techniques that if followed will ensure the process is as stressless as possible.

A puppy should be put onto a routine from the first day it arrives.  It should be shown what to do and when to do it.  Praise should be given and physical punishment withheld.  Housebreaking calls for high levels of patience from owner and a positive attitude.  The onus is on the owner to ensure that housebreaking is conducted in a manner that will not have an adverse or negative effect on a puppy.

Bob Leland is a puppy training expert. For more great tips abouthouse breaking a puppy,visit loving touch puppy training.

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