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Housebreaking Approaches For Your Puppy

It can help being aware of what you are doing with regards to steps for potty training a puppy. It can be more enjoyable on the two of you. This is one place in life it’s good to have patience.

Puppy Potty Training Tips

When puppy buy GABA (HGH Booster) online potty training tips remember puppies are babies and need to be watched at all times. Pay attention to what your pup is doing.

It’s probably wise to put your puppy in a cage or kennel during the times you can’t watch them closely.

A good indication of when your puppy may need to go potty is when they drink something. You can be sure they will be ready to go in just a couple of minutes after drinking.

It’s good to take your puppy to where you want him/her to go right after they have a drink. Of course you will need to keep your eye on your buddy even when they haven’t had a drink.

It’s highly likely you won’t keep your eyes on your puppy 100% and they may start to pee on the floor. You need to be quick here, but grab your pup up and get them to the proper place, with love of course.

No Playing During Potty Time

Don’t send your puppy mixed messages. When it’s time for potty it’s time for potty, so get down to business and don’t play around with puppy. That can happen after they do a great job of doing their business.

When Shadow was a puppy I would tell her just how good a pup she was and even gave her a treat when the job was done. It didn’t take long for her to know she was doing well.

When you involve play with potty training it sends a confusing message to your pup, don’t do it.

My suggestion to those new to puppy training, buy a puppy potty training or puppy house training book and do it right the first time. You and the pup will be happier and less stressed.

As much as you will love your puppy and want to pat, cuddle, tickle and kiss them don’t send mixed signals when it’s potty training time. Really any training. Give them just one thing to focus on and they will learn so much faster.

When training your puppy mixed signals include use different words for commands. Use just one word or phrase to mean one thing and don’t give it two names. They will pick up on other words later but now it would just confuse them.

Think About Puppy Training Pads That Have A Scent

My friend JP has a small dog and potty trained his puppy to use a litter box. This all started because he didn’t like to see his little guy outside freezing in the snow. Mozart’s little legs are only about 3 inches long so it doesn’t take much snow to bury him.

He used scented potty training pads. These training pads are scented making the puppies want to pee on them. Kinda like when you run a tap and your brain tells you that you need to go potty yourself.

If you keep on the ball and watch your new best friend you will see indicators that they are about ready to go potty. They may start sniffing around the floor area, looking for the ideal spot to spot.

How To House Train Any Dog is another great little ebook that will help you with more than just puppy problem training.

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