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How Do I Stop My Dog Chasing All The Time?

Is it getting annoying when your dog starts to chase everything? Lots of dogs enjoying chasing cats, cars and other dogs which makes it extremely difficult to walk your dog.

A dog who likes to chase things can place himself in harm’s way because he may run out onto the road into moving traffic or into objects whilst chasing.

When you find that your pet is going after things like a bull out of a gate, this means they must be retrained to understand your commands. Teach them to heel, stay, come when asked and have them keep looking to you as the alpha dog.. 

Your dog needs to pay attention to you all the time so they won’t start looking for things to chase after. This means you will need to be a strong leader and dog must understand that you are the leader of the pack and he needs to listen to your commands only.

Train your dog to walk on the leash properly. Pull him back slightly when he is about to run off to stop him from doing so. He should know the feel of his leash and understand that you are telling him to stay where he is.

Take your dog’s favourite toy with you on your walk or find a stick that he can focus on and then run after when you throw it (in an area with no cars or distractions). 

This is the best way to have your dog fully focused on you rather than chasing anything else. Give them a reward when they come back to you with the toy you have brought along.

Take another person with you as well. They can walk along side or ride a bike. If your pet attempts to take off get the other person to spray water at them (With a water bottle) and give a firm “NO” whilst doing this. 

This method might not work on all dogs as it may agitate your pet further.

You must never ever harm your dog if he runs off. Your dog will respond better to positive reinforcement so make sure he is rewarded when he pays attention to your commands.

You can also start training your dog early with specific dog clicker training. This is definitely a fantastic way to instill discipline into your pet.

Training your pet to obey your dog buy Lisinopril online training commands and not to chase is important for both of your safety.  As soon as you have mastered this, you will enjoy the confidence of taking your dog for a walk and he will love the exercise too.

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