Become The Alpha Dog

How To Become Your Dog’S Alpha Dog

The domesticated dog has descended from the wolf and has over the years allowed mankind to tame it. The problem is that each and every dog, even your most beautiful miniature French Poodle, still has some wolf in him. Dogs have buy Ralista online instincts that are so engraved into them and we do not always realise just how much these affect their behaviours. Many, if not most, dog behaviour problems could have been prevented, had we better understood how their “wolf” instincts work.

Dog behaviour training is necessary to resolve problems such as dominant aggression, separation anxiety, jumping up on visitors, fear aggression and pulling on the lead. These can all be traced back to the owner’s lack of knowledge of pack hierarchy or his ignorance towards it. What many people do not fully understand is that the only human language that a dog can understand is body language. Dogs can not understand words. They can learn by repetition and through association that the sound of a certain spoken word means that they should perform a certain action that will most probably earn them a reward.

Without realising it you as owner many times just assume that the dog knows that you are the top dog. You do not realise that through your body language you have actually made the dog the leader. The dog, on the other hand, now has to act as the leader. For him you are his subordinate, for example:

  • the dog is chewing on a bone, you want to take the bone from him – he growls and snaps
  • you take the dog for a walk, he is the leader and the leader must be in front to protect is pack so he pulls on the lead.

How to restore the hierarchy and establish yourself as alpha dog:

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