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How to crate train a puppy during night

House training a puppy especially, how to crate train a puppy at night can take from a few weeks to a couple of months, so you have to be patient and consistent to get the best and fastest results. A puppy has a small bladder so he will have to go outside quite often. Always praise your puppy for doing the right thing.

After your puppy has relieved himself outside, spend some quality time walking around with him. This will help the two of you to bond. Play with him and call his name and get him used to your voice. Let him explore for a while. He will associate going outside with a place to do his business and also have fun and interact with you.

Always praise and reward your puppy for going in the right place. Every aspect of dog training is based on positive reinforcement. Your puppy has to be taught how to do things and trained properly with patience, consistency, reward and love.

When you get to the designated area for him to go, use a simple word or phrase to trigger him to do his business. You could say “toilet” or “potty now” or “do your job”. NEVER use his name.

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