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How To Have A Well Disciplined Dog

Dogs are very intelligent creatures but we owners should not assume that they have humans ability to comprehend and to separate what is right from what is wrong. A dog that is allowed to jump on a master wearing old shirt and jeans will not understand why its usual way of greeting is not be appreciated by the female master wearing stockings and a deceptively simple but very expensive designer dress.

What disciplinary methods can you use to manage a dog’s undesirable destructive chewing and excessive barking behaviors and control its tendency to chase and torment other pets and to eat spoiled food from the trash cans? Dogs are highly attuned to what humans feel thus these animals can easily interpret and understand the facial expression and body movement of human. A dog that had destroyed your favorite $500 bag will slink under the table when it sees the anger in your face. The repentant look of the pet is not an assurance that destruction of shoes, bags and other things will not happen again. Unless you do something to discipline the dog, the undesirable act will be repeated again. After seeing the destruction or the mess created by the pet, the dog owner may physically punish or scream at the dog however, this will not accomplish anything more so if the destruction was done much earlier. Correcting the bad habit of the dog will never be accomplished if the punishment is given after the dog has been destructive.

Dogs are pack animals and humans should be the leader of the pack. Dogs being lower in rank must follow humans. Training would be buy Aleve online an effective method of disciplining the pet. is generic cialis available This training is best started while the dog is still young and has not yet formed destructive habits. Commands to discipline a dog must given in an authoritative voice.

One effective way if disciplining the dog is to make the dog hate doing the destructive behavior . Bitter apple discourages the dog from chewing things and a spray of cold water stops the dog’s excessive barking.

To make the dog associate the disciplinary action with the bad behavior, reprimands must be made while the dog is doing the act. “No, Leave it, Stop are only some of the excellent commands that will stop the dog in mid act. It would take some time for the dog to understand the meaning of these commands but consistent training, lots of praise and treats are invaluable tools that will correct the dog’s unwanted behavior.

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