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How To Potty Train A Puppy Even When You Think Nothing Works!

Some puppies can be harder to train than others. When it comes to how buy Digestive Support Dogs online to potty train a puppy, it’s important to be calm, understanding and patient. A puppy in the beginning has a poor memory and if he/she has an accident and you scold, yell or punish him/her, your puppy won’t understand why you are mad at them.

There are quite a few tips that are essential when potty training your puppy. Make sure you feed your puppy dry food as it will make their stools more solid. Make sure that you don’t feed your puppy within four hours of him/her going to sleep and two hours for water. This will prevent accidents. In addition, pay attention to your puppy and look for signals that he/she gives out when he/she needs to go potty. This will make you aware and will also prevent accidents.

A routine is always important when potty training a puppy. Try to make sure your puppy goes potty when your puppy wakes up and before sleep and before and after meals in addition to several other times to go outside.

Many people try a method that is called the bathroom scent trick. This is to help ensure they go potty in the place you want them to. It’s typical for puppies (dogs too) to want to pee where other puppies/dogs have peed. Now there are two ways to go about it. The first is by far the easiest which is purchase a product like Simple Solution Potty Training Aid for puppies and spray this around the area you have chosen for your puppy to potty. Otherwise, you can soak a towel in your puppy’s pee and save it. Then, take it out with you and your puppy and put in the spot you have chosen. Repeat until your puppy gets used to using the bathroom in that spot.

Other people try to potty train their puppy indoors first and outside later or they potty train their puppy indoors because they have no yard. The best method in this situation is the indoor dog potty. Now, this is fantastic for the puppy AND owner! The indoor dog potty has a surface that is a synthetic form of grass. It has incredible protection (three stages!). When your puppy uses this dog potty, the fluid will go through the grass and land in a tray. In addition, the mat is above the tray so the mat isn’t kept in the pee. Makes for a very easy clean up! This mat is odorless and stays sanitary. What more could a puppy OR owner want?

All these ideas are very effective ways on how to potty train a puppy. It can be done. It takes patience, persistence and understanding. But you will be rewarded when your puppy is potty trained.

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