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How To Stop Dog Aggression

You must first figure out why your dog is behaving aggressively. Unless you want to interfere with the problem and make your dog’s aggression even worse, it is important that you see why your dog is acting like it is. While the importance of thinking cannot be overstated, early action is needed as well before the situation gets out of hand and your dog’s aggression has turned to violence.

The source of much aggression in your dog can be their effort to assert dominance over you and others. To the dog, your family is a pack unit, and they want to be leader of the pack. Dogs attempting to assert themselves in this alpha position can be seen showing their dominance over a territory. You need to let them know that they are not the top dog – you are. Most dogs can be trained to come to your call by associating it with food. Being able to call your dog away from a showdown with another dog is just one of the uses this has. Any desire for dominance will pass from the dog when they see that you control the provision of their food.

As well as territorial, dogs can be naturally possessive, and thus, aggressive. Dogs can get seriously aggressive about things around the house that they see as belonging to them, especially their toys or blankets, etc. This can lead into further aggression and anti social behaviour with other dogs or people. The solution here is to simply not let this kind of behaviour develop. Once you notice your dog being in any way possessive, you should take the item in question away from them for a while. The goal is to stop them feeling ownership and instead realise that everything depends on you.

Finally, fear is a serious cause of aggression with some dogs. It is absolutely crucial that you recognise your dog’s fearfulness, often shown by submissive but tense body language, of the kind seen when dogs are backed into a corner. Such behaviour buy AyurSlim Capsules online can often be the result of cruel treatment or physical penalties for bad behaviour – taking these too far will help neither you nor your dog. This kind of aggression can be tough to stop, but requires that you develop a stronger, more trusting relationship with your dog.

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