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How to Stop Dog Jumping

The problem of dog jumping is very common. Many dog owners unwittingly encourage this behavior by enthusiastically responding to a puppy that runs towards them and makes small jumps at their knees.

This teaches the puppy that he will receive hugs and kisses when he jumps up. Your dog buy Benemid online doesn t realize that there is a difference between dogs jumping up as a small puppy and as a large adult.

Your dog will see no good reason to stop jumping just because he’s somewhat older. It will be necessary for you to teach your dog that it is no longer acceptable for him to jump up.

So when is jumping inappropriate?

Many dog owners with small or toy dogs view dogs jumping up as a sign of affection and excitement. Fortunately, these dogs are unlikely to knock anyone over with their boisterous behavior, and their small size normally wouldn t intimidate anyone except for a very young child. However, it is rare for someone to welcome strange dogs jumping up on them, no matter how small they are. Simply put, it is a good idea to teach your dog the off command for those times when you re not close by to prevent the jumping behavior.

The no jump or off command is essential for owners of big dogs. Large dogs are often taller than a human when they stand on their hind legs just imagine how frightening that would be for a small child! As well, they are frequently sufficiently heavy to knock over an adult. Being scratched or bruised by your own dog is bad but it’s much worse if it happens to someone else. Responsible dog owners will make sure their dog is equipped with a recall to the off command.

Why do dogs jump?

Jumping is usually a dog’s way of showing enthusiasm and excitement. Many dogs never jump up except for when their owner comes home after being at work all day. If your dog jumps up on you then, he is simply jumping for joy. A less common yet serious reason is a dog jumping up to display his dominance over the person he is jumping on.

Your dog is obviously displaying his joy and enthusiasm if the only time he jumps up is during playtimes or when he is thrilled to see you. If the jumping occurs under a variety of circumstances, it is probable that your dog is displaying dominance behavior, which is indicative of a communication or attitude problem. Essentially, major changes will need to take place in your rapport with your dog, which will include making it clear to your dog that you are the alpha.

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Your reaction to dogs jumping up on you is key to whether the behavior is repeated or not. Consistent training over an extended period will be required in order to stop your dog’s jumping behavior. He needs to be trained that it is always unacceptable for him to jump up. You shouldn’t allow your dog to jump one day, then forbid this behavior the next day. Play and work clothes look the same to a dog so, if he’s permitted to jump up on you sometimes, he’ll try to jump up whenever he’s in the mood.

How to stop your dog from jumping up

The majority of trainers believe that the methods used to stop unacceptable behaviors such as jumping can often be the least difficult. You just need to walk away when he jumps up. Your dog should be given no attention whatsoever, which includes negative attention like pushing, correcting and yelling.

Here s how this training method works: when your dog jumps up on you, right away turn your back on him, fold your arms, turn acomplia online generic your face away, and don t make eye contact with him. As dogs understand body language much more than the spoken word, your posture will let him know that jumping is not acceptable.

Many people confuse disregarding their dog’s bad behavior with disregarding their dog. Rather than pretending that your dog’s jumping behavior isn’t happening, you should be ignoring your dog. The cold shoulder treatment is a highly effective method to let dogs know you are unhappy with them. When your attention and reaction are removed, your dog will quickly calm down.

The correct time to give him praise

Once all of your dog’s feet are firmly back on the ground, you can heap praise on him. Once your dog’s paws have touched the floor, you may give him attention even if you were ignoring him a moment earlier.

For more information on how to stop dog jumping, visit Dog Jumping Up.

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