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How to Stop Dogs from Digging

 Knowing dog training secrets should help you to train a dog to stop digging.

Your dog may be digging because he is too hot or too cold. When your dog digs a hole and lies in it, his temperature can be self-regulated. Different from people, dogs have no way to add or remove layers so they have to get relief from weather conditions in other ways.

Dogs also dig because they are bored. Dogs can become very bored and restless when their owner is away for an extended period of time. A dog that is left alone will find ways to entertain himself. Sadly, this might be digging!

In order to stop dogs digging, it will be necessary to channel their behavior in other directions. Usually all you will need to so is provide your dog with a digging patch where he will not be punished. Certain dog breeds are inherently prone to digging. It will require additional patience to stop certain breeds from digging.

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The following tips should help to stop dogs from digging up your yard:

  1. Put an unpleasant "present" in the hole dug by your dog. Dogs often start to dig, leave the hole for a while, then return later to resume the digging. Place the surprise in the hole while your dog buy Penegra online is away. One suggestion is water sprayed with bitter apple, which is available in pet stores.
  2. Placing garden waste in the holes is one way to stop your dog from digging. Dogs prefer to dig in "clean" dirt. You should put mulch, sticks, dead vegetation, and rocks in the hole and lightly cover it with soil. When your dog resumes his digging and discovers these undesirables in his hole, it is likely that he will stop digging. If you find that this doesn’t work, try filling the hole and spraying it with bitter apple. Most dogs will cease to dig in that spot as they dislike the smell.
  3. Give your dog his own spot where he is free to dig without fear of punishment. Digging is instinctive for dogs. It may take some time to train your dog to restrict his digging to that spot but it can be done. Stop your dog from digging in your back yard by giving him his own spot where he is free to dig holes.

    You could use a sandbox or fence off a portion of your garden that has not been landscaped. If you bury a few dog acomplia diet pill treats that your dog can find, this will teach him that he is free to dig in that spot. If your dog has previously been chastized for his digging activities, he may require extra encouragement. He will be a delighted pooch as soon as he discovers that he is permitted to dig in that spot.

  4. When your dog has been provided with his own designated spot for digging, you will still need to keep things interesting for him. Once in a while, a toy or snack should be buried as a surprise for him. As dogs get bored with digging in the same area, he may decide that another part of your backyard looks more interesting.

    Occasionally, you should replace the dirt in your dog’s digging area. Fresh dirt rather than hard earth is preferred by most dogs. Also, there will be occasions when your dog finds your flower beds more appealing than his designated digging spot. Spread animal essence, which hunters use to draw out animals, over your flower beds. The smell of other animals may stop dogs from digging.

This will stop your dog from digging anywhere other than his own digging patch. Dogs are not being mean when they dig under your fence as this is instinctive behavior for them.

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