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How To Stop My Dog’s Aggression

If you allow your dog to think he is the dominant partner in your relationship, you will always have problems controlling him. Even if some dog owners resort to punishment, there is no certainty that the dog will behave and can be trusted, especially in the company of children.

You should follow a method of praise for good behavior and disapproval and no reward, where the dog’s behavior is bad or aggressive.

Usually, a dog loves to be played with and his head patted but this is not so for an aggressive dog. Any physical limitation or contact on the dog can be perceived as threatening. You should always take care whenever you want to fondle buy Advair Diskus online your dog. It is best if you can make your dog sit and heel before any handling takes place.

When taking the dog outside, he will be excited at the expectation of a walk and stimulation, so it is best to put on his leash while still indoors. These small chores may be overlooked often because these do not appear to have very much to do with dog aggression, however by doing these you are laying the foundation or setting the rules that you are the one in authority.

When dealing with your dog, or giving him commands, Keep It Simple. You should be consistent with your praise and criticisms. This method will reinforce his understanding about behaving properly.

Take note of any signs that will trigger aggression in dogs. If your dog is posessive about any part of the house (except his own bed) you must make him realize that he has no prior right reductil bestellen to any area. Do not distract your dog when training him, by having other people and activities affecting his concentration.

This way your dog will rely on just one care taker and will be trained not to be dominant to anyone. Dogs by the way do not try to dominate those whom they need to rely on.

Let’s face it, you must be the Alpha Dog.

Every dog is conscious of his position in his group, even as a puppy and will seek the highest place that he can attain to guard the members of his pack. Obviously, the earlier this dominant attitude is corrected, the better and easier it will be, because a puppy can’t dominate anybody.

Curing this in an adult dog is a hard taskand requires expert help.

Good, obedient behavior should invariably be rewarded with a kind word, or a pat, or sometimes a small treat.

Finally, if you are unable to give the time and committment to eliminate your dog’s aggressive behavior, it may be better for you and for the dog to find him a new owner, who will be capable of establishing himself as the alpha dog. However, before things get to that stage, take some expert advice from the many sources available on the internet.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot, in money or time, as long as you are patient and persistent.

Having a happy, friendly, obedient dog will be worth all the effort!

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