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How To Stop The Dog From Barking

Dog owners, in one time or another have to face problems regarding the behavior of the pet. While chewing and house soiling can be very annoying, these concerns would only affect the dog owner. Excessive barking would be a more difficult concern as it can affect the neighbors too. Unlike other canine behavior problems, excessive barking will also affect the neighbors. The noise made by an excessively barking dog will irritate not only to the owners but to the neighbors as well. This problem is aggravated by the fact that many dog owners are living close to each other in condos or in apartments

Barking is not always an unwanted natural behavior of dogs. Barking is a form of canine communication. The dog’s vocalization serves as a signal that warns the owners to possible territorial intrusion thus some dogs are actually valued for their propensity to bark. However, no dog owner would want to have an excessively barking pet. Excessive barking is one of the most difficult canine behavioral problems to control.

Dogs are often abandoned by pet owners fed up by the unmanageable behavior of the pet. Although rather difficult, the dog’s tendency to bark excessively can be managed. Dogs bark but these animals don’t bark simply to hear their voice. Boredom, fear or excitement can make a dog bark excessively. To get the dog to stop barking, an owner has to know what causes the pet to bark.

Boredom and separation anxiety will make a dog bark. Bored dogs bark a lot thus, to stop the dog from barking it would be a good idea to leave interesting toys that will keep the dog busy. Dogs have to be provided with mental and physical exercises to prevent the formation of excessive barking and other destructive behaviors. Did you know that by teaching an excessively barking dog to bark you can actually manage this annoying habit? By training the dog to bark on command you are not only teaching the dog not to react to the stimulus in the environment that usually triggers a spate of excessive barking but you are in fact training the dog to bark only when there is a perceived danger. A spray bottle or a can filled with coins are proven techniques that disrupt a dog about to bark.

Dog training collars that are designed to stop the dog from barking and ultrasonic devices that emit a high pitched sound are high tech devices used cialis effect to prevent a dog from barking excessively. However, in most cases, excessive barking is simply the dog’s way to gain the attention of the master. A little attention given to the pet is all that is necessary to stop the bad behavior.

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