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How To Stop Your Dog Whining

Dogs communicate in many ways including barking, howling, growling and whining. When a dog whines, it normally draws our attention immediately because we interpret it as some sort of a distress call. It sounds so pitiful, right?

Dogs, being smart creatures, have figured this out. And some dogs, especially those with dotting owners, have taken their whining skills to an art form.

Why Dogs Whine

Dogs generally whine when they are hurt, anxious or afraid. Certain dogs have also learned how to “pretend” to be afraid or anxious in order to get attention. However, dogs have a high pain threshold, so if your dog whines in pain, you want to identify the source of pain and have it treated immediately.

Other cases of problem whining are quite easy to treat with a bit of discipline and common sense.How to End the Whining

Let’s discuss anxiety whining first. Often this is related to the dog being left alone. The dog has noticed a routine you go through before leaving the house, something as simple as turning off the TV and activating the alarm.

These actions become a catalyst for the dog’s whining. The way to address this is to short-circuit the connection the dog makes between what he sees, and what he thinks is about to happen. There are a number of ways you could go about this.

You could simply vary your routine. Or you could confuse the dog by getting ready to leave, and then not go out. Another alternative is to go through your whole routine, then go out for 30 seconds or so, before coming back in.

All of these methods have the effect of breaking the dog’s connection between the routines he notices and the thing he fears (you leaving). It’s a simple methodology, but it works.

Another major cause of whining is fear. For example, the dog may be intimidated by being left all alone in an empty house. The simple solution? Cut down his space.

Confine the dog to a single room or, better yet, to a dog crate, and you eliminate the fear and, by extension, the whining.

Be aware that it will take a bit of time to accustom your dog to the crate, but it is relatively easy because the crate simulates a den environment. Once the dog is used to the crate he no longer feels the need to patrol his larger “territory” (the house). It is an effective way of addressing both fear and anxiety in your dog.

Addressing “Attention” Whining

Dogs are arch manipulators and usually have a bag of tricks that they use to get what they want. For example, small dogs love doing the “sit up and beg trick”, because they know it is cute and gets them attention.Whining is another favorite attention-getting trick. Especially if the dog owner comes running every time the dog whimpers.

If you pay attention, you’ll soon pick up on the subtle ways in which your dog tries to manipulate you. You’ll have to learn how to ignore the attention seeking whining or your dog will wrap you around his little paw.

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