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How To Train A Staffy Terrier – The Importance Of Doing It Well

There are many people who are interested in how to train a staffy, because the staffordshire bull terrier breed is one of the best and most loveable kinds. As individuals love them so much and they are so popular, they usually cost quite a lot of money. The high costs do not prohibit people from buying them though. When you are searching for one you should be equipped to take care of it as it needs.

If you haven’t yet owned a staffy, you would be astounded at how much love and warmheartedness they can bring into your home. Staffies love to play with both children and adults, and they don’t tire very easily. They typically love lots of exercise and have plenty of energy. Its playfulness will not fail to bring constant smiles to members of a family every day. The staffy’s sociability is recognised as one of the best of all the dog breeds.

They fit in well if you have older children that can respond well to the breed’s high energy levels. Even though staffies are very gentle, very young children may not be able to match buy Mestinon online the breed’s high energy levels. If they are not familiar with cats it is a good idea to keep them apart.

The original ancestors of the modern day staffy were very muscular and brave. These traits are still recognizable in the modern version of the breed. The strong build and powerful muscles of the staffy remain to this day. It is a good thing though, that these ones have been bred to be more sociable. {They have shed the fighting spirit of their ancestors for a more social and lovable one.}

Relative to other breeds, they seem to mature a bit late. Two years is the usual time by which you can say that a staffy is mentally mature. However, they stay energetic for much of their lives. Typically staffies will live for at least 12 years, but some have been known to go on for 16 years or even more. This is a good enough life time.

A licensed dog breeder is the best place to purchase a staffy. If you buy from an illegal source you will be supporting people who have no respect for animals. It is sometimes quite depressing to see animals mistreated so in the name of breeding. The licensed breeders are the ones who know how to handle them well.

Consistency is of the utmost importance when considering how to train a staffy. You should not start a staffy training regime and change it frequently. It is best to stick with one system until your dog understands what you need it to do. Do not to teach them some tricks you do not want them to have indefinitely. It is quite difficult to reverse this harm.

When you have learned how to train a staffy then it is time to get your puppy. You can start teaching it as soon as it settles in to your home. Beginning your staffy’s training programme with some straight forward tasks is the best way to go. It is also a good method to reinforce their obedience with some variety of payoff. Many individuals don’t recognise that it is best to ignore defective conduct rather than punish it – this is a basic rule for how to train a staffy well.


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