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Important Information For Training A Dog

Dog training takes lots of work and if you want to succeed you will have to set aside time every day and stick to a training schedule. Even then, you may still fail, especially if you approach things in a haphazard, disorganized fashion.

These six tips will help you train your dog to be obedient and well-mannered.

1. When you should start training your dog

Many dog owners fall for the oft repeated advice that you should start training their dog “as soon as possible”. Perhaps they believe that getting a head start will make things easier, but this is seldom true, so wait up a minute.

Dogs learn at any age, so I’ve never understood the mad rush to get a dog trained right this minute. Having said that, there is an optimal time frame when your dog training efforts will deliver the best results. Getting the timing right gives you a huge advantage.

Experienced dog trainers will tell you that 12 weeks is the best time to start training, so there is no need to rush.

2. Why you are the best person to train your dog

Training achieves much more than just an obedient dog. It is very important for establishing dominance over your dog and also for building up a bond between you and the dog.

But you’ll only achieve these benefits if you do the training yourself. Yes, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by getting someone else to do the training. But its not the best way to go about it.

3. When training a dog, consistency is vital

Dogs love consistency and routine and learn best by repetition. If you bring this into your training regime you’ll make things a lot easier on yourself. Bring consistency to everything including your schedule, voice commands and demeanor.

4. Don’t use the dog’s name for corrections

Avoid using the dog’s name when scolding him or giving corrections. You want the dog to always associate his name with something positive, so that he never has any hesitation in responding to it.

5. Find out what really motivates your dog

Don’t assume that a reward always has to be a food treat. Many dogs prefer a game, a favorite toy, or praise and affection. Experiment a bit to find out what really motivates your dog, then use it wisely to get the best results.

6. Physical punishments are a definite no-no

Never physically abuse your dog for any reason whatsoever. It will not help you train the dog and will only result in the dog becoming either timid or aggressive. Hurting a dog is barbaric, inhumane and illegal – just don’t do it.

Dog training takes time and effort, but it is also a very rewarding enterprise if you do it right. The tips above will give you a head start.

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