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Innotek ADV 1000 – A Great Remote Dog Training Collar

Innotek ADV-1000 OVERVIEW: This is a similar collar to the ADV 300 with increased stimulation choices and 1000 yards range. You also have an independent tone feature. Read more about tone.

Innotek ADV-1000 STIMULATION: The Innotek ADV 1000 is a 15 level stimulation remote dog collar. Comparing it to the ADV300, you have all the levels of the ADV 300 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) but you also have the levels in between these levels. It starts out lower and it has a smoother increase as you go from level to level.

Having more levels gives you a wider choice of stimulation and you will to be able to fine tune this collar for even the most sensitive dog and find the exact stimulation that you need. To get a collar with this wide of a selection of stimulation levels from another company you would have to spend anywhere from $250 to $500.

Innotek ADV-1000 STIMULATION TYPES: You have 15 levels of continuous and 15 levels of momentary instantly selectable at your fingertips. Read about continuous & momentary stimulation.

Innotek ADV-1000 TRANSMITTER: The Innotek ADV1000 transmitter is the exact same size as the ADV300 but to get the increase range you also have brand name cialis a 6-inch rubber antenna. You will get 1000 yards of range, line of sight, with the antenna attached. You can also remove the antenna when you do not need extra range. I get around 250 yards line of site range without the antenna.

The ADV-1000 has a small transmitter and can be worn comfortably around the neck with the lanyard that comes with it. I personally don’t care for transmitters worn around the neck. In my own experience, when you lean over to touch your dog, if you have them hung low enough you are going to hit the dog in the face. You can wear it higher up on your neck and this won’t be a problem. If you have a deep pocket, you can wear it lower on the neck, drop it into the pocket.

Innotek ADV 1000P TRANSMITTER BATTERIES: The Innotek ADV 1000 also uses two 6-volt batteries in the transmitter. With very heavy use they are going to need changing twice a year. You can purchase these at Radio Shack or Wal-mart. It is not an extremely common battery and I doubt that you can find in most convenient stores.

Innotek ADV-1000 Collar – The ADV1000 Collar uses a rechargeable niMh battery. Average run time on a single charge is around 70 hours. It is a good battery and you should get 3 to 5 years of average use if you take care of the battery. It also comes with the dura pro strap. This collar is waterproof, cannot be replaced or even repaired.

Innotek ADV-1000 – USEFUL LIFE OF PRODUCT: Like many other consumer products these days, this could be considered a “disposable” collar. The battery is water-proofed and the electronics in the collar are sealed in a silicone based gel. This means the battery can not be replaced, and the electronics cannot be repaired.

SUMMARY — For the money ($189.99 with FREE SHIPPING via UPS Ground) this is an incredibly versatile stimulation collar. The ADV-1000 has a wide choice of stimulation levels much like many of the more expensive, high-end collars offered by other manufacturers.

The Innotek ADV 1000 is a pretty advanced collar and I would think you would be able to use it training even the most sensitive dogs. Unlike a lot of collars in this price range (under $200), you do not have the higher jumps between levels. The chances of upsetting a dog going from one level to the next one are a lot less likely then on some collars buy Reminyl online where the jumps between are a little bit higher.

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