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Jack Russell Runaways

Why does my dog keep running off?

Jack Russell owners often mistake their dog’s propensity for running as attempts to escape, when in reality this habit is purely genetic. He was traditionally bred to run ahead of the hunting party to catch the prey, and even today he’s likely to give chase to anything that moves. This predisposition, combined with his incredibly active and athletic nature, means that he’ll have no qualms about running miles ahead of you, and while it’s nice to give your dog the chance to exercise it isn’t so good when he doesn’t like to come back.

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Protecting your dog from running away

For this reason, proper training to stop your Jack Russell running away is essential. Teach your dog fundamental commands, assert your dominance, and your dog will eventually be cured of his compulsive running—this just takes time and a little bit of canine psychology.

Training is vitally important. You can start training your dog yourself by consistently awarding good behavior, but because the Jack Russell can be especially difficult, a professional trainer is sometimes needed. Begin this process early where your dog will be with other rambunctious puppies, that way nobody will judge you for having a wild little dog and, in fact, you may pick up helpful suggestions from other puppy owners.

Make sure to practice any techniques at home as well. For example, keep reinforcing the “come” command, by rewarding your dog each time he returns to you. Some commands can be practiced in conjunction, such as having your dog sit and then stay seated while you move about the house and then finally prompting your dog to come. When these commands are obeyed, the dog will earn a treat and a whole lot of praise. Your dog will quickly associate being obedient with being rewarded which will encourage good behavior and reduce the risk of him running off.

Additional Information

As you train your pet, keep in mind that Jack Russells are easily distracted. Short and frequent training sessions will yield the best results and reduce boredom for your dog

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Another tip is to not start chasing him when you see your Jack Russell running away. If you chase him it seems to your dog that you’re playing some kind of game, compelling your dog to run more, so tell your dog that you aren’t playing by staying put. You may wonder how you’re actually going to catch your dog when he runs off – the simple answer is to not give him the chance to do so. Simply don’t let him off his leash until he has been properly trained and your dog won’t leave your side.

Another important buy Flomax Mr online point is that owners cannot punish their Jacks after they run off. Punishing your dog upon his return makes it seem as though he’s being punished because he came back, which is the last thing you want to do. Concentrate on reminding your dog that you are the Alpha and reviewing his commands until running away is no longer a problem.

In brief, the natural instincts of the Jack Russell makes running away more frequent than many owners would like. Their energy and lust for chasing means that it could be difficult to correct, but if you spend the time to train him you’ll soon be able to take charge of your dog so he’s obedient and, above all, safe.

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