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Kingdom Of Pets – The Simple Way To Get Your Pet To Behave

Many pet owners may feel disappointment when they have finished picking out their new puppy or shelter dog to take home. Usually, this is because of behaviour problems that they can’t manage to control and they do not know how to train a dog.

There are many common characteristics that work, not only is continuous training required, but positive reinforcement and consistency in communication with the pet is crucial. Once they have started to learn and understand, they will be rewarded for a good behaviour, they will want to be able to please you by meeting your expectations. If you have liked what you have read by this author, then make sure you check the other topics by him that are aimed at helping the readers to obtain far better outcomes – Kingdom of Pets. See to it that you invest some time reading and understanding these beneficial articles as it’s going to benefit you in far more than one way.

In the Kingdom of Pets, there does exist an “Alpha” leader in pack animals, like dogs, coyotes, or wolves. This Alpha leader controls what the rest of the pack does, and a dog’s instinct makes them strive for this position. By way of being a consistent owner who exercises control of the dog, the pet will soon consider you as the “Alpha” of the pack. You must first gain the animal’s obedience.

The first key is communicating with the dog in an absolutely consistent manner. For example, if you don’t want him getting over the couch, don’t ever let him remain on the couch. If you ever give in and allow the dog to sit over the couch, even once, the pet will constantly test to view if you will let them repeat it, and you will have unknowingly reinforced bad behaviour by giving in. In a household where there are many family members, it is important that everyone enforces the pet’s rules.

The next key is positive reinforcement. By using a reward when the dog has performed as you commanded, he will want to earn the reward or treat, be it just telling him, “good boy” or a doggie snack. Daily training sessions of 15 minutes is usually the most effective way to train, as your dog may get bored with sessions of longer time period.

The third key is actually never use punishment to train the dog as it can be ineffective, unless it’s at the exact moment the pet is performing the unwanted behaviour, not after. For instance, by the time a dog has urinated on your floor, and you rub his nose inside it, his mind has already moved to something else, and he does not understand what you are actually trying to tell him, do not do it in this spot? Smell it when done? What does he mean?

By using positive actions to correct bad behaviour, he will associate that with what he is supposed to do to get a treat. So instead of punishment, after he urinates on to the floor, tell him no, next take him outside till he goes again, take him in, praise him and also give him a treat. He will get to where he will need to go outside and sometimes not urinate, so you have to be sure to only give him a good treat when he does.

Summing up, it is easy to train your dog, once you have established yourself as his “Alpha”, and learned to communicate by utilizing positive reinforcement and not punishment. It is easy to have your dog to behave and be a fun addition to your home.

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