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Labrador Retriever Training – Hints When Training At Home

Having a gun dog doesn’t imply you have to sign up your lab to formal labrador retriever training classes. Yes, you can choose to do so but training at home is not bad either. In fact, many pet owners like you prefer labrador training at home simply because it can be a great opportunity for you, your furry friend and the rest of the family to bond. Through this, you will get to know more about your dog’s personality, what frightens him the most, what toys and treats he prefers, what are his funny habits and so forth.

Labrador retriever training may seem difficult knowing that this breed is recognized as one of the highly intelligent breeds. But even if you’re a new dog owner, you never buy Symmetrel online have to be scared of doing things all on your own. You’ll be fine as long as you put in action the things you learned from reading articles, magazines and books, researching the web and asking questions from experts as well as other dog owners, specially those who own labrador retrievers.

When you prefer to train your dog at home, it is essential that you display confidence to ensure that you earn your pet’s trust and respect. Feeling nervous will only confuse your dog and will not help him learn efficiently. If you’re stressed, unhappy or disappointed, better put off the training for awhile since dogs have their own way to sense your emotions and may emulate what you are feeling. Additionally, lack of confidence on your part might make your furry friend believe that he is the pack leader. This in turn can stress your pet out because he believes that as alpha, he needs to take charge and protect the pack from what he considers as threat. That’s one big load he thought he must carry! Apart from that, alpha dogs may also exhibit disobedience and may bark back or snap at you when you give a command. So how can you obtain positive labrador retriever training result if you have a disobedient dog?

Make progress with the training by adding consistency to confidence. If your lab’s name is Max, call him Max throughout the training. Calling him baby or buddy will only cause confusion. The lessons must be consistent as well. If you do not want your dog to jump up on people, train him to do so no matter what the situation is. You can’t train a dog that it’s not acceptable to jump on you when you are wearing your expensive suit while such act is allowed when you’re on your pajamas. Letting family members know what’s going on with the training can also help with the consistency issue.

While you concentrate on training, you might overlook the chance to recognize and reward your dog for every desirable behavior he displays. That is one thing canine owners must never forget. Remember, dogs are motivated by rewards, affection and praise. Rewards will make him understand that he gets good things by doing a certain task thus will motivate him to do it again next time.

Labrador retriever training at home may appear impossible and hard but with your confidence, consistency as well as cooperation from other family members, you will soon realize that you’re moving forward to reach your dream of having a well-trained labrador retriever.

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