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Labrador Training: How To Crate Train Your Pet

Labrador training makes life a lot easier for you and your pet. A young pup who can entertain the crowd with his cute tricks can certainly paint a smile on everyone’s face. But an adult dog who obeys commands without making a fuss is what makes every pet owner feel that training is indeed rewarding.

There are plenty of ways to achieve successful training, so many approaches and tools from which to choose. One tool that is frequently used by many dog owners and recommended by a lot of experts and trainers is the crate. While some people consider crate as harsh, it is actually very useful not merely during labrador training but all through your pet’s entire life. Providing a crate is just like providing your lab with haven wherein he’ll be cozy, safe and protected.

A dog crate could be made of metal, wire, plastic or fabric. It’s an enclosure with a door that is great in keeping your pet safe when leaving him alone at home or when traveling be it by car or by plane. It is also a powerful tool when working with housebreaking issues and different obedience commands.

In order for your pet to accept the crate without going through a lot of trouble, barking and whimpering, do not force him to get inside it (crate) at once. Put the crate in the area where the family spends a great deal of time and permit him to investigate it freely. You may want to add toys, soft blanket or towel and other stuff he likes to further motivate him to come near and get inside the crate. Dropping a few treats around and inside the crate likewise helps. Praise him each time buy Ginette-35 online he’s making improvement.

The moment he gets inside the crate, praise and reward him with a special treat. With this, he will eventually figure out that he gets good things for stepping into the crate thus will further motivate him to settle inside for a longer period. Once he became relaxed being inside the crate, close it for a few seconds at first and reward him if he stays relaxed. Gradually increase the time of the crate being closed.

Training your labrador to get used to crates may take days and even weeks but once he has accomplished it, it’ll definitely benefit you and your dog in a lot of ways. With a crate trained labrador, you can confidently leave the house without having to get worried that something bad might possibly happen while you are gone.

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