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Learning How The Electric Dog Training Collar Works

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All dogs require some type of training. Each person that buys a dog has to make sure that the dog receives the proper training according to the dog’s age, breed, and purpose. The training doesn’t have to be long or extensive and most dogs have a fun time with it. Regardless of the length and purpose of the training, you can always speed up the process with the appropriate tools. These will help you get the results you want in an more effective way, for example, by getting an electronic dog training collar. This collar has always been considered controversial by many dog owners and dog trainers. On one end, some people claim it’s one of the collars that gives the best results when teaching obedience and discipline to dogs. Other owners thought it was a form of punishment and that it was unnecessary cruelty being used on dogs. From a distance, there’s no difference between the electric dog training collar and a regular collar; it’s only upon close observation that one can see the two steel prongs that the collar has. These prongs have to be in contact with the neck of the dog for the collar to work properly. And just like a regular collar, the electric dog training collar comes in different sizes and colors, so you can choose one that looks nice for your dog. Will It Hurt My Dog? The controversy of the electronic dog training collar comes when dog owners worry that this collar is going to hurt their beloved dog. The simple answer is no, it is not going to hurt your dog. It does use an electrical shock to scare them but the jolt is not enough to actually cause any damage. It basically comes down to whether you feel comfortable with making your dog wear this collar. There are other types of collar that you can get that don’t use an electric shock, if the idea of a shock is too unpleasant for you. For instance there is the citronella dog training collar which is similar to the electric dog training collar only it uses a simple spray of citronella to stop the dog from barking, rather than an electrical shock In the end, there’s not a simple answer and each dog owner will have to decide what he or she wants to use to correct his or her dog’s behavior. You may decide to get an electric dog training collar, a citronella dog collar, another type of dog training collar, or even no collar at all, but the important thing is to spend some quality time with your dog and train it to respect others.

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