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Leash Aggression Basics And The Valuable Stay Command

What makes good dogs turn aggressive the second you put a leash on them? Having a dog that pulls and lunges at dogs and people presents a danger to others and a roadblock to your training efforts.

Exercise is essential for all dogs, and there are ways you can correct your dog’s behavior so you can both get out and enjoy the fresh air. Walks don’t need to be dreaded, just handled in a careful and consistent manner.

If your dog seems like he is about to become aggressive, divert him with a command like sit or down. This will keep him occupied and should reroute his attention.

Dogs are masters at reading our body language. If you tense whenever you pass a person or another dog, your pet will pick up on it. He may think that you are scared and want to protect you. It is best to stay calm and act as if nothing is wrong if you can so your dog does too.

Muzzles and gentle leader harnesses can be useful training tools for dogs who lunge. Gentle leaders are designed to keep a dog from lunging, and muzzles will prevent biting. If you use them, make sure to train your dog at the same time. Don’t plan on relying on these tools indefinitely.

At this point, if the leash aggression isn’t being eliminated, you might consider a trainer. It can become very dangerous to other people and dogs in your neighborhood.

Leash aggression isn’t uncommon, but it is a potentially big problem. Start taking measures to cure your dog of this bad habit before bigger fixes are needed.

Teaching your dog to stay can be an immensely useful command, and it will definitely impress other dog owners. As always, use treats and praise to help you instruct your dog. You can use dog training collars to enhance your results.

First, tell your dog to sit or lie. When he does, put your hand, palm towards the dog, and say, “Stay.” Use a firm voice.

As soon as your dog obeys, say, “Good.” Even if the dog only stays for a brief second, it is a great start. Praising can only help him learn more.

In addition instruct him the release command so he learns when it is time to get up. “Ok” or “Come” are often used. Again, kudos and treats make training easier. Praise and treats help a lot when it comes to puppy training tips.

As you work on the stay command, demand that your dog stay for longer periods of time. Don’t give him his treat until he performs to your satisfaction. Have him do a little more each time.

At the same time, make sure you’re not extending your training sessions too long. Five minutes is enough to get great results.

Any longer and your dog will feel like he’s in a marathon – he’ll get tired, cranky, and won’t want to listen. At first, you may have to repeat, “Stay,” often to remind your dog, especially if they’re excited about their treat.

Soon, your dog will be able to stay even if you leave the room. Even if you phase out the treats, remember to praise your dog for this accomplishment.

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