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Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs Relieves Your Dog's Joint Discomfort – Great for Arthritis

My 9 year old Newfoundland is my best pal in the whole world. So when I observed him beginning to have issues jumping on and down from the couch and he even appeared to stand up and sit a lot slower than he used to, I started to get worried.

I talked to my veterinarian and she stated just like us, as our pets mature their joints begin to wear away and can cause them discomfort. When that happens they begin to slow down (just like us). She suggested a high quality dog joint supplement with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. She stated the one she personally likes and typically suggests using is K9 Joint Relief. She stated I could buy it on Amazon.

Well, I like dealing with Amazon – particularly when I get free shipping. I don't know about you, however I get a ton of things from them and have always been delighted with their customer service. So anyway, I went to Amazon and bought a bottle of it.

It's actually easy to use, I just pour a tablespoon (he's approximately 100 lbs) on his dry dog food and sort of stir it around to wet all of it. He loves it. In fact, he goes nuts for it. And it has actually made a difference. He's running and jumping around just like he did 5 years back. I wish I 'd discovered it a long time ago. It would have saved him from part of the discomfort he's been undergoing.

Another thing that actually impressed me was the followup I got. They not only checked back to see to it that I was truly delighted with their product, they also sent me a ton of cool pointers on extra ways to improve my pet's joint health and to further ease his joint discomfort.

– Maximum Strength Joint Supplement Helps Your Pet Stay Active, Healthy, Happy, Discomfort Free and Enjoying Life – Designed for Canines in All Phases of Life – In Younger Healthy Canines it Supplies the Building Blocks for Healthy Joints and Connective Tissue

– In Older or Larger Canines with Joint Issues it Rebuilds and Strengthens Cartilage, Reduces Joint Inflammation, Naturally Lubricates and Helps to Soothe Sore Achy Joints, Increases Flexibility and Mobility

– Maximum Strength Formula Consists of: 1500 milligrams of Glucosamine + 1200 milligrams of Chondroitin + 1500 milligrams of MSM + a Synergistic Blend of 5 Various Other Joint Supporting Nutrients

– Depending upon the Size of Your Pet, One 32 oz Bottle Contains Between 32 and 192 Initial Daily Doses then After 6 to 8 Weeks (dosage is halved) You'll Get Between 64 and 384 Daily Maintenance Doses

– Full 1 Year Money Back Guarantee – Vet Recommended – All Natural Product – Made in the United States

– Bonus – You'll Be Helping Homeless Animals – 5 % of the Earnings from Each Sale is Contributed to Organizations that Rescue and Care for Homeless Dogs

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