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Lungeing Horses With Skill: Avalon Horse Training Series – The Ultimate Training Guide for Amateur Horseowners

Imagine not being able to ride your horse for a few weeks!

That’s exactly what happened to me. After I had a routine surgical operation at the beginning of the year, my doctor told me, that sitting on a horse was out of the question for the next few weeks. I was devastated as riding my lovely 16hh Arab-cross is always the highlight of my day. I keep him in a paddock at a local livery stables and I obviously didn’t want to just let him stand around there until I was fit to ride again.

There was nobody around who had time to work him on a regular basis so I started walking him out in hand and lungeing him. I must admit, that lungeing a horse never really appealed to me – I prefer to ride rather than watch my horse zip around me in a circle – and my lack of knowledge became obvious from day one. I was struggling to keep the horse out, getting my messages across to him and generally I wasn't quite certain what I should be doing and aiming for. I was convinced that chasing the horse around in a circle and/or having his head and neck tied down is not the answer, despite the fact that you see lots of that around.

It was time for a quick crash-course in lungeing if I didn’t want to risk doing more harm than good. As I’m a bit of a Kindle book fan, I had a look on Amazon to see if there was help available. I'm really glad I did because there I came across the Avalon Horse Training Series. Vol. 1 is all about lungeing your horse safely and effectively. This guide is just what I’d been looking for, it's not too long, I managed to read it in one evening, but it's thorough enough for me and the method, training steps and instructions are easy to understand and make sense to me.

I started to use this lungeing method and I practiced and implemented the tips described in the book bit by bit and I feel now more confident and I am actually enjoying the lunge work now as I can see that we are making progress. The book has been a great help to me and if you need guidance with lungeing your horse then I can recommend it – and for the price, you can't go wrong.

Lungeing has forever played an important part in the schooling of a young horse. Lungeing assists with exercising your horse when time is at a premium and with the gymnastic development of a horse. It gives you the opportunity to see the way your horse is moving – his balance, his suppleness, his gaits etc.

Lungeing may look easy, but if you want it to be effective and improve the way your horse is going, you have to learn the correct way to work with a horse on the lunge. Christopher Conrad will take you on a fascinating journey explaining clearly where to lunge, what equipment is needed, and how it is fitted and used the right way.

“Lungeing Your Horse Safely And Effectively” lays out in detail how to lunge correctly – the proper use of the whip and lunge line – how to introduce your young horse to lungeing – how to lunge with side-reins – how and why to lunge with a chambon training aid – how to lunge with two lines. The manual addresses common lungeing problems and gives you a blueprint for a typical lungeing work-out.

This manual is essential reading for any horse lovertrainer who wants to learn how to lunge a horse safely and get the most benefit from his lungeing work-outs. The Avalon Horse Training Series is a comprehensive set of training manuals specially put together for the non-professional rider/trainer who wants to improve his knowledge and become a more competent “equestrian all rounder”.

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