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My Experience with a Car Seat Cover That Offers Broad Coverage and 1-Year Satisfaction Warranty

Family trips are extremely enjoyable, especially when you don’t need to worry about stains in the car made by youngsters and of course, your pet. Dogs, especially untrained ones, are sometimes impulsive – they might bite and scrape your precious car seats; throwing away dollars you’ve spent just to provide the car your most-desired look. This is my main predicament when I searched from Amazon, my preferred online shopping platform (they have hassle-free shipment and whole refund in case I am dissatisfied with my item).

A quick type of “car seat cover” landed me to Parachute Pet Products’ listing, the Parachute Pet Car Seat Cover. It’s rating was 5 stars and had promising promises, such as the 1-year money-back guarantee and wider coverage so I ordered one immediately. To my delight, I’ve ended up with an awesome decision indeed.

Firstly, it doesn’t only shield car’s upholstery, the car seat cover has also enhanced its appearance through its quilted design. Rugged luxury – this is how Parachute calls their product and I need to say I agree with them. Second, it truly remains in position, due to its non-slip support and backside attachments. I also loved the truth that it could be transformed into a hammock so my pooch does not fall out in between the car seats or hop into the driver’s seat.

I was prepared with the instant that it can get dirty in time. But I was surprised that it was extremely easy to clean! For simple stains, I only rub the surface off and stains disappeared in an instant. For huge messes, on the other hand, I just put it in the washer and it washes off the stains automatically.

An extra plus is the Velcro pouch at the lower middle part. Because of this pouch, I have instant storage space for my kids’ toys, my dog’s leash, plastic containers, and water bottles. I also commend Parachute Pet Products for donating part of their sales to Humane Society – meaning by purchasing their products, I also get to help mistreated and homeless animals.

I may have met too many terrible vendors in the past, but Parachute Pet Products is definitely the most fantastic online seller I’ve seen to date. If you’re in the exact same situation, I strongly suggest that you check out Parachute’s Pet Car Seat Cover and see for yourself. I am certain you will enjoy using it as much as I do.

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This post was written by TKB_Editor on December 24, 2014

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