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Organic Dog Shampoo that is Chemical-Free for Your Best Friend

I just discovered this product on Amazon and am so thrilled to finally see a 100% Pure Organic Dog Shampoo. There are so many products that claim to be pure, natural and Organic, but if you really study the ingredients on those, it is obvious that they are just synthetic products that are dangerous to you and your pets. One of my most-loved dogs died from cancer after a long, hard fight with it and I swore I would never use products that were created with dangerous chemicals or cancer-causers again. It is extremely difficult to find a shampoo that is truly organic and this one is the only one you'll ever need!

My dogs love grooming appointments with this shampoo! I take it to my groomer and insist they use it on my dogs and they are glad to learn about it! The lather is surprisingly sudsy and rinses out completely leaving zero remaining sticky-feeling on their fur. As another bonus, they smell amazing – not perfumey at all!

I've shared with all of my friends about this shampoo – especially my vet who highly approves. I will continue to spread the word because it is so beneficial to have products that are safe and won't expose me OR my pets to unnecessary health risks. If anyone is looking for the best dog shampoo they can find, I would highly recommend giving this brand a try!

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4-Legger develops organic products to replace those that have toxic or dangerous chemicals. We have a deeply personal reason for developing a line of natural and organic grooming products. On the day that one of 4-Legger's owners was diagnosed with cancer, one of our precious dogs lost his battle with cancer. We have come full circle since that terrible day. Cancer is in remission and we have worked to oust products from our lives (and the lives of our furry family) that may cause health issues – from skin sensitivities to life-threatening desease, and worse.

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