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Petra Pets Elk Antler Canine Munch Splits For The Most Discriminating Canines

Petra Pets Elk Antlers are harvested in the United States, a great percentage are from the state of Oregon.
These sustainable, all natural, healthy options for the processed or chemically loaded canine chews that are on the marketplace today, are truly taken pleasure in by our canine buddies and owners alike. They are odor free, to people, and do not leave oily traces behind. Canines like the taste and the hours of home entertainment that they supply.

Elk Antler Splits are elk antlers that have been cut in half, exposing the marrow for easy gain access to. The marrow holds the greatest degree of taste and canines go bananas for it!

When canines are given a proper chew, they are pleased and pleased. Canines have an instinctive have to chew, and Petra Pets Elk Antlers will fulfill this requirement and offer a high degree of nutrients also.

The hard external covering does a wonderful job with cleaning the teeth of tarter and plaque resulting in enhanced dental wellness. Just like people, dental wellness, or the lack of it, can impact many other systems in the body, cardio, renal, and intestinal to discuss a couple of.

See what one Petra Pets consumer had to state; Miriam on October 11, 2013
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I check out online that Elk antler chews are actually helpful for canines because they are 100% natural, they do not contain development hormones, they do not have prescription antibiotics, and they do not have animal results given that they are sourced in the wild.
My canines go nuts for them too. Also, as I have big canines it is good to have a chew that they do not rip thru in a couple of minutes. These in fact last for a while.
And, there is another thing, for a lot of canine treats out there, they are sourced from animals that need to pass away. Like beef bones. With antlers, they are shed by elk normally so no animals require be injured to get these antlers.
My canines like these, they have never had any adverse reactions (like upset stomachs) and they last. I would extremely suggest these.

For those discriminating canine owners Petra Pets Elk Antler Chews are a wonderful choice for a healthy, healthy, deal with that is long enduring and completely natural.

BUNDLED !!! Elk Antler + Beef Tendons … PLUS a REWARD Bed Washing Sample Kit !!! Petra Pets Elk Antlers are harvested in the United States from elk sheds. The animals shed their antlers every year in the fall and very early cold weather. These are then picked up within the first twelve months of being shed, to receive the Grade A score that we sell.

No animal is damaged in the gathering of these antlers. The antlers are then cleaned with plain water, and cut. This requires no chemicals, to be introduced, providing us a 100 % natural item that is perfect for your canine, and is without inorganic products such as plastic polymers and artificial compounds that comprise most of industrial canine chews.

It is natural for canines to chew, and really advantageous to their mental and dental wellness. Providing your canine a chew is also valuable to shield versus behavior concerns and chewing on inappropriate products. A pet that has actually chewed for half an hour is busy, pleased and most likely to sleep than to cause disruption. If you do not offer your canine a range of products that he is enabled to chew, it is likely that he will find his very own chews (ie. your home furnishings, your shoes).
Elk antlers for canines contain iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. These offer the wellness advantages of improved strength of bone and teeth, renovations in heart wellness, and a glossy elegant coat.
You will not discover a higher quality elk antler canine chew than Petra Pets! We motivate you to get rid of the chew when it becomes little enough to be a choking risk.

LIFE TIME SATISFACTION WARRANTY: If you are not completely pleased with the purchase please return it and we will release a filled refund.

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