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PLR articles…3 ways to Flip Them For Profit

While the majority of people are using PLR articles for their own web content others are using them to flip and make a quick profit. There are marketers that are doing this full time and making a killing from it as well. Markets love content, especially articles that are content specific, so if you can provide them this content they will be more than happy to throw their money at you. I am going to cover three ways to flip PLR articles for profit.

1. Bundle and sell – cialis picture of pill href=””>PLR articles packages can be bundled together in one niche and sold at forums for a very quick profit. An example of this would be taking about ten weight loss based PLR articles and bundle them together to sell to a marketer in that particular niche. You can make anywhere from $20 to $50 per bundle of ten. The amount you make from these quick flips also depends on how hungry the crowd is in that particular niche.

2. Merge into eBook – You can also take the PLR articles and combine them into an eBook that you can either sell or give them away to your own potential customers in return for their email address and contact information. But for the purpose of this article we are strictly talking about selling these articles. There are many sites including forums where you will find marketers who are ready and eager to buy your eBooks to give them to their own customers.

3. Create a Clickbank product – PLR articles can be used as the information for a Clickbank product. Let’s say for an example you want to create an acne product. What you do is combine the PLR articles into an eBook and then setup a website selling this eBook. Then setup your site with Clickbank and you are good to go. You can get affiliates to sell your acne eBook or you could sell it yourself for a profit. Another think you can do with your new product is to sell buy Premarin online the whole website to marketers willing to buy them on sites like Sitepoint and Flippa. You will get more money if your site is already ranked on Google or if it is already making money.

Before you do any of the above though you want to make sure that you have your PLR articles rewritten. Make sure to rewrite at least a portion of these articles so that they are unique. Marketers would not want to purchase duplicate content. You can either rewrite the articles yourself or pay someone to do it for you. There is also another way that is easier and much quicker. This technique also happens to be my most preferred. However, I cannot share it here because I don’t want too many people to get their hands on it. Click on PLR articles to see the secret technique.

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