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Poodle Puppy Care: Three Sizes of Dogs for all Types of Families

Poodles come in three different categories: the toy, which stands ten inches or less at the shoulder; the miniature, which stands anywhere from ten to fifteen inches; and the standard, which measures in at over fifteen inches at the shoulder. All three of these poodle types tend to be happy, loving dogs that make great family pets and loyal companions to the lucky owners that have them. If you are considering a poodle as your next pet, there are some basics of poodle puppy care that you as a dog trainer should know.

The Best Environment for your Poodle

Because of their social nature, and their long and thick coat of hair, poodles are really not meant to be outdoors most of the time. These dogs want to be with their owners as much as possible, and the toy variety in particular will work well in an apartment setting. In this situation, regular walks on a leash as a part of your poodle puppy care will offer sufficient exercise for your dog. The larger species of this breed will do better with an average sized fenced yard for exercise and play time. One of the first steps of good poodle puppy care will be to spend plenty of time with your new pet playing, get to know the secrets to dog training and building acomplia sales a relationship together.

Grooming your Poodle

One look at a poodle s thick, full coat will tell you that regular grooming will be an essential part of daily poodle puppy care. Some owners will attempt this feat on their own, and a few might actually be quite adept at the process. Others will take the more convenient although costly way out, and take their dogs to groomers for regular poodle puppy care. If you go with a groomer, your dog will receive necessary baths as well as brushings. Many poodle owners will decide to clip their dog to keep the coat more manageable.

Temperament of the Poodle

Although the look of this dog can be deceiving, a poodle is generally a playful, social dog that loves to spend time with his family and is great with kids. Even the toy variety, although small, is very playful and not as fragile as it looks. These dogs also make good watchdogs, since they tend to bark when someone comes to the door or at the sight of strangers. Poodles are extremely intelligent and eager to please, making them easy to train most of the time. Poodle puppy care will mostly revolve around offering your dog plenty of love and attention as you incorporate him buy Atorlip-20 online into your family.

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