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Potty Training A Puppy

There are 3 techniques of potty training a puppy.

• First is the direct training approach which requires one to have sufficient time for it to succeed.
• Second is paper potty training approach which is very hassle-free for those who stay in a high-rise apartment and are on a tight monetary budget plan.
• Third is crate potty training if you are constantly far from house.

Train your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Set him a toilet schedule. Train and applaud him. Let him sleep in his crate and reprimand for mishaps. Use aromatic pads for cleaning throughout early phases.

Set time to take your puppy outdoor, watch carefully intake of food and fluids and contribute sufficient time with him. Make it hassle-free for the puppy and set up a doggy door or doorbell for him. It usually takes 3-6 weeks to triumphantly potty train your puppy and you need to be patient.

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