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Havanese Potty Training: Make No Mistakes

Picking the perfect spot for your Havanese potty training can be a tough decision for many people but with a little thought you will soon see what fits you and your puppy best. Picking an indoor or outdoor location takes a lot of thought and consideration into your puppy’s needs and your lifestyle.

Havanese puppies are no different then any other in the fact that they need proper potty training as soon as possible and a lot of dog training books don’t cover enough of the subject. Havanese potty training will ensure that your dog does not soil your carpet to the point of needing to be replaced. There is nothing worse then having to spend thousands of dollars on new carpet just because your Havanese wasn’t properly potty trained. So to prevent that, you need to first decide where you do want your Havanese to potty. This can outdoors or somewhere inside.

Some things that you may want to consider when picking a location for your puppy is whether or not they will have easy access to the area or even if there is proper and safe yard space for them to go outside to. Are you away working for long periods of time that would make it hard for your Havanese to hold their bladder? If so, this could cause accidents and then hurt feelings within your puppy for breaking house rules…but – what else are they to do?
Now it is time to think about the plan of action. How are you going to accomplish getting your Havanese to go where you want them? One very popular technique is that of the bell. This is used for outside training. Attach a bell to your door in reach of the puppy’s nose. When going outside, bump the bell with their nose. Once the bell has been rung, go ahead outside. Soon your puppy will be able to put two and – two together and will know that by ringing the bell that it’s potty time.

If outside training is not an option for you, Havanese training for inside is just as easy. It is best to select a nice plastic puppy litter box and line it with puppy absorbent pads. These pads make for easy cleanups and absorb very well. Now, every time you see or sense that your puppy has to go potty, place them into this box. After some repetition, your Havanese will pick up on the training and go there for potty time. Soon, you will see that Havanese potty training wasn’t as hard as you thought at first.

While it may seem like a never ending process to potty train your Havanese, I can promise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it soon will be over. Like any other training, Havanese potty training requires patience on the part of the owner. Try to make sure you are always focused and that you remain calm. Your puppy can pick up if you are unhappy and this can cause stress on the training process.

Like children, your puppy needs to know that you are supportive of them and that you are proud of their accomplishments. So, it is very important to remain consistent at all times and to never forget to give praise when praise is due. Before you know it your Havanese will be completely house broken and the stress of training will be a thing of the past and you will barely even remember it.

While Fiona Kelly has extensive knowledge on all Havanese training. Havanese potty training is one that most people tend to have problems and therefore this article is intended to make sure that potty training is practiced with ease. Using personal experience and love for animals, this article attempts to ensure that there is a Havanese potty training method that is workable for all types of owner. Havanese training was never made so simple. And to make the entire thing enjoyable for both you and your puppy, this author has made sure to point out the importance of praise for Havanese potty training puppies and gives you advice that can’t be found in regular dog training books.

By Fiona Kelly
Published: 4/17/2008

Posted under Puppy obedience training

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