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Professional 3 Item Dog Grooming Set From Rapid Spirit For Your Pet Desires.

Not long ago i came across this dog grooming product whilst out visiting some friends of ours who like us all have dogs as pets. I was immediately struck simply by how calm there dog had been whilst being groomed by my good friend.

My friend said that having tried various grooming tools this grooming kit and the experience it gave his dog was the best he had come across.He said not only will the slicker brush and comb remove all of the loose and dead hair the tools also help to massage and keep your dog calm whilst grooming which is very important.

The flexibility of the slicker brush pins helps whilst grooming the actual hair and does not stress the dog this means you can groom quicker and have a happier dog.

The nail clippers also were well made and as an added benefit there is a small nail file which pulls out from one of the handles which i thought was well designed. There is also a lock to present two cutting positions.

I was very impressed by what i saw and could definitely start to see the advantages in using this specific grooming kit. The price also for your three tools was also inexpensive,considering if you bought the things separately it would cost you much more. I would definitely consider having a look at this product by what i saw at my friends house.

This is a professional dog grooming kit for your pet owner that cares. It contains 3 grooming tools with new ergonomically designed anti-slip handles which provides better grip control in addition to better pet experience whilst grooming the pets.

The pet grooming kit consists of a nail clipper that has a small detached file, a slicker brush and double sided comb.This set is also portable and can be utilized at home or whilst travelling along with your pets.

Pet toes is usually trusted as a brand that cares about its products. These tools have been created to improve your overall pet grooming experience.

We always listen and take action if necessary with all comments received from our customers.

These grooming tools are recommended to be used on medium to long haired animals and as always with all our pet toes products this package comes fully guaranteed for just one year. Pamper your pets with love now!

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