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Puppy Coprophagia

There are many different reasons why older dogs may eat poo (coprophagia). And almost as many reason why a puppy might. But it always comes down to either buy Effexor XR online a mental or physiological cause.

A young dog may be experimenting, and not know any better. Or it could be learned behavior from the mother dog. An improper diet or the presence of parasites or worms could cause a puppy to crave nutrients.

These are only a few possible reasons for this behavior, but regardless of the reason, coprophagia can be unhealthy both for you and your poop eating dog. It’s important to train a dog while he is young. Once the activity is ingrained it will be much harder to stop. There are many different techiniques and products available to correct this activity.

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This post was written by STDT_Assistant on April 1, 2011

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