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Puppy House Breaking

House breaking your puppy is quickly accomplished with the secrets to dog training by Steven Daniels of The Kingdom Of Pets

Dog Potty Training – How to House Train Your Puppy

Once you have brought your new puppy or dog home you will want to make sure start dog potty training as soon as possible. There is not need to put up with an untrained dog, with numerous dog potty training resources available it is quite easy to complete the task without a lot of fuss.

The options include-

  • crate training – – the method of  crate your training puppy to go potty on a more regular schedule. This can help if you are away from home for extended periods regularly.The dog learns to hold things until it is allowed out, since they hate to deficate in their sleeping area.

  • Paper training – as the name implies your dog is trained to relieve himself in a certain spot in the house and not just where they feel like it. Starting with a larger area as the puppy learns to use the area you slowly reduce to size of the covered area until it is just a small spot in the corner of a room.

  • Outdoor potty – where the dog is trained – to go outside in a regular area on a schedule so that there is practiclly no mess inside ever. Yes, accidents do happen but rarely.

Some people have used small trays with ‘kitty litter’ inside the house to train small breeds, but this not to practicle with the large breeds. What ever method or routine you choice it you stick with only one method it won’t be long before you new family member is housebroken. The many joys of having a dog in the family are truly wonderful. So a short inital training period should not be too much of a hardship.

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