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Puppy Pad Training To Potty Train Your Doggy

You comprehend the value of housebreaking your puppy. And, you are now ready to start puppy pad training. For potty training, it can either be indoors or outdoors.

For home dwellers, indoor training is a lot better because you do not have enough of space outside your home. If you have a yard, outdoor training is an option for you.

However both require you to introduce the pad to your pet and put the pad in a designated place– an area they need to comprehend is different from the rest as that it is their potty place.

For indoor, it can be in a remote area and for outdoor, it can be in the garden.

With attractants your pet will be drawn to the pad and will try to use the pad when nature calls.

With treats and rewards, your pet will rerun the action till it's become its natural potty habits.

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This post was written by TKB_Editor on November 22, 2014

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