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Research That Reiteration And Benefits Are Crucial For The Dog Obedience Training

One of the most thrilling aspects of getting a dog or dog kennel training the pet really go after commands. Sometimes owners overcome their dogs by striving to teach too many different and complicated commands to their dogs or puppies at the same time. Most of breeds of dogs do better training to master one or probably two commands at a time, but never all the commands at the same time. It is important to research how your breed learns best. Some dogs learn by lots buy Avodart online or repetition and practice, whereas other breeds learn very 36 hour cialis rapidly and then become bored and disobedient if they are required to constantly repeat already learned commands. Dogs that learn a command and then seem to stop going after the command after two or three repetitions in a sort time fall into the later group. Each dog has its own personality so beyond the breed features you also have to view and be aware of your puppy or dog’s personality.

Perhaps the easiest command to teach most of puppies and dogs is the easy “Come”. Dogs naturally love to get human attention and will actively look for time with their owner and family. As you notice the puppy heading towards you simply say “Come Fido” or whatever the dog’s name is. Always fix the name to the command so the puppy rapidly learns their name and will begin to listen for it. A treat or just some praise and attention for coming on command are all that is required. One the puppy will come on command; sit is generally the next step. Hold a small treat just above the puppies nose when they are standing. Slowly move the treat back through the air just above their head. The puppy’s nose will naturally go after and the head will tip back, causing the puppy to sit down. As you start to move your and back say “Sit Fido”. As soon as the puppy sits give the reward and lots of praise. Reiterate this often, not just when the puppy comes but when they are standing beside you, before you put the thong on, or before you offer them a toy. Soon the puppy will learn that sitting is a positive thing and they will get positives from the action.

Teaching down is customarily easiest from the sitting position. Once the puppy is sitting on command, just call the puppy and have them sit. Give them a treat and let them know you get another reward in your hand. Like with the beginning of sit, say “Down Fido” and move the treat down towards the floor and slightly out from the dog’s body. The puppy will really follow with its nose. Slowly move the treat forward until the puppy is prone. Instantly offer praise and reward with a treat.

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