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Rottie Has A Calm Personality

The Rottweiler dog breed is known as beeing a close friend for the man from historical times, since the Romans breed it to defend their property and their livestock. The Romans used them for herding their cattle and later, German peasants used them for the same purpose. Along those distant and dangerous times, when there was the need to fight against wolves, thieves and other similar threats, the original ferocious nature and the instinct for herding of these dogs have been improved and they became the decisisve, confident and fierce dogs we know today.

These dogs are powerful and quite stoic in their demeanor and their body is strong, head big something like a mastiff, which had given the notion that this dog has descended from mastiff genes. Only the people having an assertive personality and that like to be active all long day can master such strong animal, after they earned its respect as its leader.

Unlike other breeds that need only two or three months of training, you will need to stay at the back of your Rottweiler for around two years, watching it, correcting it with love, enforcing on a daily basis the rules of “who-is-the-boss” in this home. The Rottweiller needs all this effort and, if you cannot give it, better choose another dog breed.

The Rottweiler Is Fearless And Self-Assured

This dog that many caress Rottie is observative and serious, stoic and calm, fearless and self confident. They are not barking dogs but a Rottweiler will normally bark when he is annoyed at its surroundings, rather than at a person. They are permanently checking their status within the pack and submit only to those they consider superior.

They can be extremely aggressive with strangers and this is why they should be well socialized right from their puppy stage. The must important training aims obedience to master and family, before getting full grown.

Overall, this dog makes for a great companion who , can astonish you with its intelligence and capability to learn. If you make them to feel useful they are the happiest dogs in the world. Give them something to do and they will love to do it. At least play with them every day and exercise their agility and obedience. The lack of exercise means a bored dog that will chew everything in your house and its temper wil become grouchy.

If you think to make it easier for you, choose a female Rottweiler which is smaller as well as easier to physically control. Females are also much more affectionate than males, but they can get very edgy during the mating season and around the whelping time.

The main features that allowed them to survive during their herding period is their natural ferocity and the attachement to master, whom they have fight aside against either animal or human predators. Man used the dominant attitude and the ferocity of this breed to help him during those dangerous times and, in the last two centuries, used a lot of training and effort to develop the Rottweiler having its modern traits. The history and origins of the Rottweiler explains clearly why and how this dog is what it is today.

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