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Simple Ways To Leash Train A Puppy.

Leash training a puppy is dealt with in detail by Daniel Stevens in his training guide secrets to dog training.

Leash training puppy in three simple steps

A guide to leash training a dog.

Leash training is one of the most important skills your dog should have before it goes out on its first walk. If your leash training puppy is successful, then you can go for walks safely and have fun. If your puppy pulls on the lead all the time or refuses to move when on a leash then walks are going to be a lot f effort, and won’t be enjoyed by you or the dog.

1. Your puppy needs to be used to the collar. When you first put it on it’s normal for the puppy to scratch at it, but don’t ever take it off when the puppy is doing this. Leave it on and distract the dog by playing games with it. When your puppy forgets about the collar, then you can take it off.

2. Now you can begin to add the leash into training. Put the leash on the puppy when it is playing or eating so that it gets used to it. Again, only take it off when the puppy isn’t showing signs that it wants it off. This teaches the puppy that the leash and collar are things it has to get used to.

3. Now you can start the actual leash training. Firstly find treats that your puppy loves as you will be using them a lot. Use a treat to move around and get the puppy to follow you. This teaches the puppy that following you while on a leash brings rewards.

When you first start leash training the puppy is likely to be tense and may not move. Never try to pull it, as this will only make the dog pull back – and may even harm the dog. If the puppy pulls the lead, stop and stand still. Then start to game of following you for the treat. The above training will have helped the leash training puppy get used to the leash, so you will already have a head start.

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By Richard Cross
Published: 8/4/2008

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