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Solving Dog Separation Anxiety Using Behavior Modification

Canine separation anxiety is one of the most common problems dog owners deal with.  Dogs develop separation anxiety for many different reasons.  Lack of exercise, a bad experience or change in schedule are all common reasons. Separation anxiety symptoms are expressed in a various ways

There are plenty of different symptoms.  Mild symptoms include changes in body language and whining.  Dogs with severe separation anxiety may wreck furnishings or injure themselves.  Luckily, behavior modification training can be used to resolve most cases of separation anxiety in dogs.

What is Behavior Modification Training

Behavior Modification is a type of dog training that is used to replace on type of behavior with another.  For example, Let’s say your dog pulls at the end of the leash when you walk him, you can teach him to heel using obedience (the heel command), or you can teach him to walk by your side by rewarding good behavior (walking next to you), and correcting or ignoring bad behavior (the pulling).  The great thing about behavior modification is that it teaches dogs to behave a certain way when you aren’t there to give a command.

There are quite a few great exercises for dogs that have separation anxiety.  Desensitization drills are highly recommended. As you get ready to leave your house, you may notice your dog showing signs of anxiety.  Your dog has figured out that you are going to leave by the things you do, and the way you act before you go.  If your dog knows you are going to leave when you put on your coat, you simply put on your coat often.  Throughout the day, you can put on your coat, and pick up your keys, then walk to the door.  Once you get there, turn around and resume what you were doing before. Ignore your dog.  This confuses the dog and teaches them not to associate you leaving with you getting ready to go. It takes a little while, but the effort is worth it.  When you have finished a multiple repetitions of desensitization drills, your dog should be relaxed and content when you are gone.

Dog best price for cialis separation anxiety doesn’t get resolved on it’s own and can become a serious buy Acivir Cream online problem.  In fact, it often gets much worse.  Don’t put this off until your dog wrecks your house!  If you want to learn the secrets of behavior modification training, and how to fix dog separation anxiety, visit

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