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Aggression is instinctive for dogs and everyone realizes that dogs can seriously wound people and other animals. Fortunately, there are ways for dog owners to stop aggression in their dog. If you are dealing with an aggressive dog, it is vital that he receives the correct dog obedience training right away, before he harms you or someone else.

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The most common types of dog aggression are aggression towards strangers, and aggression levelled at family members. Aggressive dog behavior can be triggered for many different reasons so it should be dealt with in different ways.

Aggression Towards Strangers

The most common reason for a dog disliking a person or another animal is that he hasn’t had a chance to get used to them. The process for getting your dog used to unfamiliar people, animals, and surroundings is called socialization. Socialization is a key part of obedience training for your dog. So how will socialization stop your aggressive dog from attacking people making deliveries to your house?. When a dog is socialized, he starts to understand that new experiences can be enjoyable instead of frightening.

Your dog should learn this important lesson as a puppy. The more often your dog interacts with different people (for example children, teenagers, men wearing uniforms, old people, people wearing helmets or carrying umbrellas) in a relaxed and fun environment, the less aggressive your dog is likely to be with strangers.

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Puppy group training courses (often held at pet stores or at a vet clinic) are an excellent place to socialize your dog in a monitored environment. Your dog will learn how to act with dogs he doesn’t know. He will also learn that there is no reason for him to be afraid of the strangers at these sessions. It is essential that he is not overwhelmed – let your dog’s comfort level increase gradually.

Aggression to Family Members

The most common reasons for dogs showing aggression to their human family are:

  • Your dog is guarding his food and toys from his owner or family members. Resource guarding is quite normal behavior for dogs.
  • As dogs are pack animals, it is a question of dominance and your dog’s perception of his ranking in the pecking order of the family structure. Dogs perceive the family structure as being no different from a dog pack. If your dog sees himself in a higher position than you or your family members, he’ll become aggressive.

Such resource guarding is typical of dominant behavior, as an underdog would not be aggressive to a more highly ranked member of the pack.

The best way to stop aggression in dogs is to provide consistent obedience training, which will make your dog understand that you are the boss or "alpha dog". This fact may be stressed with rewards such as praise and treats when he obey a command, and by imposing "time out" when he misbehaves.

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