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Stop Dog From Chewing A Simple Technique

To stop dog from chewing on inappropriate things around the house you have to understand his motivation for chewing in the first place.

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You have to train your dog what to chew on and what to avoid.

Primarily it can be dangerous, particularly if he chooses an electrical wire for example. His mouth, throat or digestive sytem could be damaged. Something that contains fiberglass for example, may not feel sharp, but would fill his mouth and throat with glass splinters. And of course, he could chew on something toxic. And of course, your belongings can be damaged in the process.

Despite how dangerous it can be to chew on these things, it seems to be irresistible to dogs. Why is that? There are a number of causes for chewing, and for inappropriate chewing in particular. All canines chew, instinctively, as a way to keep their jaws strong; of course, buy Aristocort online they themselves don’t know why they chew, only that it’s fun. Your understanding of this instinctive need is the key to successful training.

The most prevalent reason for undesirable chewing is this: Your dog has the instinct to chew, but he just doesn’t understand what he is and isn’t allowed to chew on. If you have considered all the factors and concluded that it is just his instinct then provide him with dog chews as alternatives. Take away anything he isnt allowed to chew on and make him know that you are not happy, but praise him when he chooses one of his own toys. Your dog will learn what he is and what he is not allowed to chew.


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There are certain factors that make chewing worse, however, and they’ll require extra attention.

Just as human children teeth, and experience discomfort, so do puppies. Especially as his adult teeth begin to grow, a puppy’s jaws will ache and his gums will itch. Chewing soothes him both by exercising his jaw, and by taking his mind off the uncomfortable feelings. To help him feel better,and save your shoes from being gnawed on,buy him a puppy-teething toy. They can be filled with water and frozen, and are designed both to entertain your pup and make his mouth hurt less.

Anxiety caused by boredom or being left alone for long periods can also lead to your dog chewing. If he’s left by himself for a long time, or if you often confine low cost cialis him to a small space without any company or entertainment, your dog will naturally become anxious. To distract himself, he’ll find something to chew on. There is a solution by making sure that if he has to be left on his own for any length of time then make sure he has something to chew on other than your door frames. Think about getting a friend or a professional dog walker to help if he does have to be left.

To solve chewing problems, study why he is doing it. Give him things that are safe and appropriate to chew on, and teach him in a way he can understand which things he should leave alone.


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