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Stop Dog From Jumping In 4 Simple Steps

To stop dog jumping get through these four steps and you will be on your way,but understand why your dog jumps

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Your dog can cause an embarrassment when he jumps up ,but he isn’t usually being aggressive. This can however be dangerous if he is large. His jumping habits could easily knock someone over, and it frightens people.

Even if he’s well trained in other respects, he might seem particularly stubborn about jumping

This is because it’s a natural inclination, so it’s difficult for him to comprehend that you’re upset by it. He may know you’re upset, of course, but can’t figure out that the jumping is the problem. Dogs like to be at the same level when they say hello, to sniff each other’s face. Subordinate dogs want to show their respect by licking, too.

To your dog, all human beings are dominant. So his need to express both his happiness and his subordination is strong, but of course, human beings are considerably taller than dogs. So he ends up jumping.

A contributing buy Penis Extender Standard online factor to this problem is your dog’s cialis soft tabs vs cialis excitement when you arrive home or when he meets someone new. Not only is he excited and happy to see the person, all that jumping around gets him even more excited. Just as children have a harder time listening and obeying when they’re very excited, so do dogs.

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The first step you should take towards properly addressing this issue is helping to lower his excitement at the arrival of a human being. If you can help him make a habit of being calmer, he’ll be much better able to focus on your instructions.

Do this by being an example of calmness yourself. When you arrive home, don’t make a big deal out of an immediate greeting. Instead, wait a few minutes, and when his excitement is less, praise him for patience.

The second helpful trick is to reduce his worry over not being able to reach your face. Bending down to greet him helps. He won’t feel it’s up to him to close the distance by jumping. When he begins to understand and waits for you to stoop down, instead of jumping, praise him.

The third step is to extend this habit of calm behavior. Keep rough-housing to a minimum. Teach him to play more gently, so he won’t think there’s a connection between being rough and being happy all the time. Wrestling and tug of war are over stimulating; try fetching or playing hide and seek with toys.

You must finally concentrate on teaching your dog to sit. Not only that, use the command every single day, whenever it is appropriate. Praise him enthusiastically when he obeys. It’s easier sometimes to teach a dog to do one thing, rather than to teach him not to do something else. He might understand that “No” means you’re unhappy, but remember, he’s a dog: He can’t figure out causes the same way a person can. But if you give him a command that he does understand, two things happen. First, the bad behavior stops, because he’s sitting down. Second, he can pay attention better because he’s calmer.

The basic here is that once you understand why he does it then you have a chance to stop dog from jumping.


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