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Stop Dog Licking Tips

While dog licking is viewed by some owners as a display of the dog’s love and attention, it may also develop into a bother when there are visitors in the home and the dog insists in greeting them with too much licking. Although not a hazardous behavior like leaping at individuals who enter a house, dog licking remains an unacceptable dog behavior, and this poor habit humiliates the dog’s owner and can even keep visitors from relaxing and feeling welcome.


At the top of the list of suggestions for dog owners to follow beginning when the dog is still a puppy is maintaining consistency and teaching the dog to behave the same way toward them as they want it to behave toward others. The dog will not comprehend that it does not turn out to be alright to leap at different individuals, when the dog owner is always letting the dog leap up on him. The dog will not get why it is the owner’s wishes for him to not lick a visitor’s face or hands, if the dog owner lets the dog constantly lick his hands or face. Consistent actions remain the main point for any type of dog training, so that the dog understands what is the correct behavior and it is reinforced constantly for the animal.

While the owner may believe that it is a wonderful thing for the dog to lick him when he comes home, evidencing excitement and attention, there are many better behaviors besides licking which are more apropos for the dog to exhibit. For example, the owner can stop dog licking by turning is generic cialis real from the dog each time that it attempts to lick buy Deep Cleansing Milk online him. An owner needs to avoid any eye contact with their dog and ought not to pay any attention to them until the licking has come to a stop. The owner is able to offer the dog attention and praise for correct behavior, after the animal has settled down. The owner must make the dog cease from licking his hand by withdrawing it and turning aside from the animal, as well as insisting that he will not make eye contact until after the settles down, if the animal has a persistent habit of licking the owner’s hands.

When an owner bolsters their dog’s good behavior, they are also teaching him not to lick when other people enter the household. The dog will understand the he does not get special attention from his owner when licking him, and so he will probably not attempt to lick the visitors entering their home. The dog owner also needs to inform others who come into their home of how they should respond when the dog tries licking them, displaying and bolstering those same manners that the owner implements to prevent licking.

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