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Study Of Apartments Marbella

I was trying to answer a friends questions the other day at lunch about his confusion over the order of what he considered the top ten websites offering apartments in Marbella. There’s lots of talk on what makes a good website stand out and where that is judged against its competitors when searching what is perceived to be the most prominent websites offering Apartments Marbella for instance.

The first thing which hits you on the most popular of search engines is that the total results given was in excess of one and a half million so surely, the top 10 carry a lot of weight, all cialis doses have terms like “holiday rentals” “Villas to rent” “Marbella accommodation” and must each have major reasons for being listed. I’d read this week that theres the Go Green types who are encouraging websites to offset their carbon dioxide emissions by paying certain websites for green credentials on their sites as many folk get bogged down with the idea of how much energy they are using each time they do a search! Imagine the thought of flying to enjoy a beautiful holiday apartment in Marbella? How much carbon ?.

Thankfully none of the search providers take energy usuage into account when presenting the top 10 sites for me, or calculating on a GEO bases how much flting CO2 I would be using to reach my holiday location and rate accordingling!! Imagine such horror.

However,back to the search in hand – Holiday Apartments Marbella. which is in Spain for those who’ve never heard of it. The titles shown in the results were all very similar and the descriptions had a fair amount of differing content but I looked into the dates that the sites were first created. There’s many whois lookup sites on the net, all of them show such information so i began recording each of the creation dates in order from one to number ten For the conclusion of earliest first online pharmacy having some bearing I was at least curious to see if the top results showed an older registration date than the ones at the bottom of the first page.

For this illustration I am Ignoring the months in each case… the run of years from number one to number ten goes like this: 2001; 1999; 2004; 2007; 2002; 1996; 2004; 2003; 1999; 2002. Something which struck me immediately is that none of them are very recently registered, yet there’s an eleven year spread across the top ten and not in a linear order either. Have you heard of the phrase content is king? its something a lot quarters like to spout as the over riding decision factor and clearly a website with good content properly aimed at its target audience has to be a major benefit to both the site owner as well as the searcher. Looking back at the sites though, I can’t honestly say that is the leading fact either

So it seems that the original hypothesis about older sites do better in search engines is only a part truth…. to satisfy my curiosity I looked at a page set back amongst the 12 page of results and there were plenty of old sites back there too. Clearly its unlikely to get a brand new site to the front of any large search result data set. However there’s clearly many other things at play here in final ordering, including but not limited to, site recommendations between sites, order of words used in the website’s titles etc and maybe even some sort of calculation on how popular the site is through visitors on its pages. I wonder if I’d had a different conclusion if I’d picked Apartments Algarve instead of picking Marbella? maybe next week as my heads spinning now.

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This post was written by admin on August 5, 2010

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