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Taking your Dog out in the Car

If you live near open fields and the countryside or have lots of private ground for your pet to run around in you won’t need to travel to give your dog opportunity to get plenty of excerise out in the open air. If there is a dog friendly park nearby within walking distance you need only pop on a lead but for some dog owners living in a city or busy town centre the only option is to travel by car.

It is important your dog feels comfortable and safe for necessary car journeys of any length. This is a list of dog car accessories

Dog Safety

Dog travel cages or cages specially adapted for cars not only makes your car journey safer for you but also for your dog, it also helps the dog feel more secure. Think how frightened your dog might be looking through the window buy PyruVitol online of a moving car with everything whizzing past!

If there is no room for a cage or if your dog travels in different cars consider buying a dog harness with seat belt adaptor. This is a great multi purpose travel accessory for your dog!

Word of warning: For those who think these are extreme, imagine what would happen if you were to have a car accident. Your frightened dog if unsecured will instinctively want to get out of the car and possibly run right onto a busy road.

Dog Comfort

The boot of a car is not designed for comfort so if your dog has to travel in the car a dog bed is much nicer to lie down on.

It is also a good idea to keep a dog blanket in your car especially if you are planning a long journey in the colder months. (remember to also keep a blanket for yourself in case of break downs!)

Food and Water

Your dog will get hungry and thirsty during a long car journey and will certainly need to quench his or her thirst after a long run. It is essental to keep water handy and for the bowl, consider disposable or re-usable material travel bowls that fold up neatly instead of the standard bowls that are bulky and take up more space.

Tip: Your car could need water too! Re-use any empty plastic milk or juice bottles and keep a supply of water in your boot for your acomplia pill dog and car engine. Especially vital during the hot months. If you are out in the country you can re-fill at a fresh water river or stream.

Shade from the sun

Drivers and human passengers have visors to protect them from the glare of the sun so don’t forget your dog and fit a car window shade where appropriate.

Handy hint: Families with small children may already have car window shades which as perfect for pets too!

Dog Ramps

A dog car ramp can be a godsend! Smaller dogs can easily be lifted into bigger cars but what if you have an older heavier dog that can’t jump up or have been on a particularly muddy trip out? There are several dog ramps that you can buy which fold away neatly when not in use.

Pet First Aid

As exciting as running in the countryside can be for your dog, there can also hazards including barbed wire, broken glass and sharp sticks. The first aid you apply to your dog if it gets a nasty cut will be vital in its recovery and if you are out in the middle of nowhere it could be a while before you can get your dog to a vet. Dog first aid kits often come complete with gauzes, wipes and bandages and fit in most glove compartments.

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